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Our Story!                            

Little did we know that a visit to an exhibition in the year 2012 would turn out to be a venture in the field of jute industry, which was later extended to cotton as well, hence the name 'Jucoholic'! The versatility of the fabric motivated us to explore the possibilities and here we are as a small start-up hoping to be a part of a greener environment.


At Jucoholic, we manufacture all kinds of jute, cotton and other allied products that are friendly to our environment like silk cotton bags, organic cotton bags, canvas bags, sisal bags, hemp products etc using the finest quality raw material in compliance with the quality standards. Needless to say, these are highly reckoned in the market for attractive designs, unmatched quality, eco-friendly nature, classy looks, durability, resourcefulness and skin friendliness. We have partnered with well established manufacturing units, thereby manufacturing optimum quality Jute Bags that are designed as per the latest fashion trends.


The best part of the fabric is, it's completely handmade and hand stitched, hence there is a lot of room for customization; our customers can bring out what exactly they need in terms of colour, size, print, design and handle, thereby making it more interesting. So, come lets join hands to 'Reduce, Recycle & Reuse'. Make a memorabilia more valuable and eco friendly! 



Why Jute & Cotton!

Jute, a long, soft, shiny fibre that can be spun into coarse, strong threads. It is one of the cheapest natural fibers, and is second only to cotton in amount produced and variety of uses. It has high tensile strength, low extensibility, and ensures better breathability of fabrics.
Cotton, a natural fiber, has been grown for millennia around the world and accounts for half the world’s fiber consumption. Cotton is sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable, making it an excellent choice as an environmentally- friendly fiber throughout its entire product life cycle.
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