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6 layered cotton mask
Get a reusable cotton pouch free with a 'Pack of 5' mask!!

With the resumption of activities in a phased manner, there is an impending demand and need for masks. With masks becoming a staple requirement and mandate for the new reality, there is equally a huge constraint in the augmentation of surgical and N95 masks. To cater this dearth - Jucoholic, always committed to eco-friendly products has now expanded its horizon into manufacturing cotton masks with filters. Our venture into making cotton veils has finally materialised and imbued into the market after many deliberations. The greatest challenge confronted during the process was to stipulate to our primary source fabric – at the same time assist the current demand with paramount protection. Thus, we came up with a combination mask of woven and non-woven fabric: a six layer, quadrupled filtration system encompassing the requisites of a competitive mask, offering utmost protection and comfort; this is also the first time, a veil with six layers having cotton as its primary source is into circulation. With astutely chosen pastel colours, they come in packs of threes and fives.

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